The Next Generation Of The Nightclub VIP Member

With reference to the article published by Maxim:

In the past, public service for the club industry was passing out paper flyers to random people on the street for a specific event night. A young Michael Capponi was one of those flyer distributors back in 1989, skateboarding his way down Miami Beach, locating the hottest of the hot. Today, through advanced technology, Michael Capponi is continuing to provide that public service through InList, an exclusive membership nightlife app which provides more accessibility to the VIP sections of nightclubs. The InList app benefits both party goers as well as nightclub venues. For party goers, they benefit by knowing more details about the VIP opportunities available to them. For businesses, they get more access to the current and undiscovered VIP patrons.

michael capponi

The idea and vision of InList is poised to change the nightlife industry. The members-only app was launched in October of 2014, with both Gideon Kimbrell (business partner) and Michael Capponi. The app was featured and promoted across a number of events throughout Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles. Unlike other night club apps across the Apple and Android space, such as ClubZone, Nightclubs UNLTD and FIXR (based out of England), InList aims to provide a better and higher quality experience. An app that’s not just an image flyer advertisement, is coded with quality, and provides an exceptional user experience, in relation to its competitors.

InList aims to establish itself as a human-oriented tech business. Having the human touch is the exclusive relationship built through paid concierges who classify and organize their clientele in order to provide service to the elite. With the ability to track spending of the undiscovered party whale, the automated data and payment collection features will enable nightclub venues to analyze trends in nightlife spending. This data will enable businesses build relationships with passionate party goers and build the next VIP.