An Inspiring Attempt To Save Haiti

Capponi and his partners have already begun work on restoring a 19th century former coffee sorting house on the Jacmel seafront and making it into a 44-room, boutique hotel. The project includes a spa, adjacent shops, including a French patisserie, and a tourism information center to promote local attractions including hiking tours to local waterfalls, horseback riding, boat trips to picnic on out-of-the-way beaches, scuba diving and water sports.

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The story of Michael Capponi’s life is an inspiring one. He overcame the power of drugs and what could have been a fatal brain tumor and is now working to save a country. The example that Michael has set should give hope to teens and young adults across the United States who are addicted to drugs. He is living proof that even a rough start in life does not have to hold you back from doing great things. Michael is a successful business man and could have spent his money anywhere, but his love for the Haitian community has led him to start a humanitarian effort. While it is only one hotel for now, the beachside resort he is creating could rejuvenate the tourism industry in all of Haiti. The world can only hope that other successful people can find the generosity in their heart to make a difference in the world like Michael Capponi is.